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"I chose Ypsi Rehab because it’s the closest to my house. I wasn’t sure about my choice at first, but after my first visit I knew I had made the right choice. The knowledge and professionalism of the doc and his staff are top notch. I made incredible progress with my knee, and even received treatment for the crick in my neck one day! I highly recommend!!"
Feb 07, 2024
"After total knee replacement in September, I choose Ypsilanti Rehab for my PT. They were close to home but showed high reviews on line. It was a great choice. Facility was well apointed with spotless equipment. All the staff were professional and courtesy. I had undivided attention from the therapist. I would definitely use them again if I needed any further physical therapy. Thank you to all the staff."
Nov 02, 2023
"I have used Ypsi Rehab now 2 different times. Once for my knees and this time for my right arm rotator cuff issues. The staff has all been very nice and helpful and knowledgeable about what I need to help my progress. I recommend this facility to everyone. I even have 2 other friends who had let me know they had gone here and loved it too. Great place!!"
Jun 26, 2023
"I had a great experience at Ypsi Rehab. I went from even being able to drive due to sciatica to no pain at all in a 6 week period. The facility is very clean & the staff was extremely friendly & caring. I would highly recommend!"
Dec 15, 2022
"The greatest endorsement I can give is that I could barely move my arm, and after six weeks, my mobility and strength improved vastly. The fact Dr. Abdou and his staff were knowledgeable and empathetic, answering any questions I had, made a scary and difficult experience one where I never felt alone or out of the loop. (They did not spare the fact that there was going to be pain, and I appreciated the honesty.) I could not recommend them more."
Mar 16, 2021
"I have been a pacient here for 25 years. Fixing. Every part of me. Body. Mind and soul. I trust them with my total health. I thank the doc for my best life. Therapy works. "
Feb 02, 2021
"I was able to compare therapy centers because of the Covid pandemic and the everyone was very professional from the intake specialists to the physical therapists and physician. Very knowledgeable and blessed with healing power in their hands. "
Oct 29, 2020
"I have never needed physical therapy before so I don't have any other place to compare it to. But I know if I ever need it again Ypsi rehab is the only place for me. Great people, great service. Marvin G. "
Oct 23, 2019
"Ypsi Rehab did more with me and for me in the first hour and a half than the previous therapy place I was going to. They are GREAT!!!"
Mar 28, 2019
"YpsiRehab is by far the very BEST!! The equipment is top notch and the staff is extremely knowledgeable, with their help I was able to throw my cane away after the 1st week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jun 06, 2018
"The most caring staff you will find anywhere. I didn't want to leave. The staff was the patient, attentive, diligent, and the facility was always super clean. I am healed from head to toe, inside and out!"
Apr 18, 2018

I was referred to Ypsi Rehab for a pinched nerve in my neck, I was amazed at how quickly they repaired me. I gladly returned for my knee replacement and have been completely satisfied as have family members who have used their facilities.


I have been a patient here periodically for 25 years. I’ve always been satisfied with the professionalism shown here and the treatments have always been rewarding in the end. The staff have been kind, professional and friendly. I’m thankful for each visit and each goal that they have helped me reach.


This is my third or fourth time coming here. Each time they have done everything to help me. This time after my third visit I could tell a big difference in my arm due to a minor stroke I had. When I started it really hurt to raise my harm and I could hardly raise it. Now I can raise it without pain. The staff is really nice and pleasant, they are very helpful. I really recommend this rehab to everyone that needs it. I thank all of the staff here as their work has paid off for me.

-S, Pat-

I had a very pleasant experience during my two weeks of rehab. I was treated in a professional manner. I was able to achieve my goal of being pain free. I would recommend Ypsi Rehab to anyone who needs physical therapy. I thank everyone for a pleasant experience and their help. Thank you for all your help.

-V, Harvey-

I started with Ypsi Rehab in mid-January (2015) for physical therapy and have been very satisfied with my results. Not to mention the staff members, they are all very cordial and helpful. I would absolutely recommend Ypsi Rehab to anyone and everyone needing such therapy and/or physical activity.

-L, Barbara-

When I entered physical therapy I had pain in my right hand, neck and arm. Since therapy I can reach over my head, hold something in my right hand without dropping it, even twist a cap off a bottle. This has been very helpful and appreciated.

Thank you,

A, Lena-

From the first meeting with the therapist, you get a good or even relaxing feeling. Everyone at Ypsi Rehab is helpful and caring. I started rehab prior to surgery, they started me at a slow pace and helped me progress to my own pace all the way to work hardening (which was difficult but with encouragement I was able to complete). Being only a few days out from my return to work at the City of Detroit Fire Dept., I am a fire fighter; I feel I can move 100% better than the day I first walked in

V, Samuel-

When I first started Physical Therapy I was unable to lift my arm up over my head, I could not sleep comfortably from them pain in my left arm. I couldn’t pick up anything without pain in the arm. I now have almost no pain and my range of motion has improved greatly. They are doing a great job helping me with strengthening my arm and shoulder.

-Rusell B.-

When I first fractured my right wrist, I could hardly use it. I couldn’t even brush my hair or teeth at all. After a couple of weeks of physical therapy at Ypsi Rehab I was able to slowly use my right hand. After a month of PT I was able to brush my teeth and use my right wrist. This is a very good family friendly environment. The therapist and his workers are very knowledgeable and very helpful. I highly recommend the hand wax if you need it!

-Vicki S.-

I am very pleased with the results I received from coming to physical therapy here. My back feels much better and I can stand up much straighter. Everyone here is very pleasant and helpful. Thank you very much.

-S, H, Ann-

Upon coming to Ypsi Rehab I was in great deal of pain and I could not walk properly. Now my knee has improved and my mobility has improved immensely. I am able to walk much more straight and I no longer waddle like a duck. I liked my experienced at Ypsi Rehab and would recommend this facility to my friends and family.

-S, Charlotte-

When my doctor told me I needed physical therapy for hip pain, I was in quandary. The doctor’s office gave me a list of physical therapy sites, but none were close to my home and at that time, gas was bordering on the $4 mark.

My daughter had need for physical therapy the year before and went to Ypsilanti Rehab Physical Therapy and was very satisfied, so I thought I’d give them a try and it’s five minutes from my home.

My first visit was great. I was given a thorough exam of the area and had my first session. Everyone was very friendly, knowledgeable and seemed to work well together. As time went on I realized this was not a one day thing, they were like that every day. At the end of my therapy, I was offered two weeks to come in and use their exercise equipment. At the end of the two weeks I signed up to take advantage of their exercise program. I’m still going two to three times a week. IT has made all the difference in the world as how I feel. My energy level has increased and my weight has decreased. So thankful for the staff at Ypsilanti Rehab Physical Therapy has been my discovery of 2014.

-Rosa B.-

The staff at Ypsi Rehab has literally nursed be back to life! When I started rehabbing my knee here in November of 2012, my leg was frozen in one position with zero mobility. Over the course of a year, Abdou brought me from a zero range of motion to almost full recovery. My limp is completely gone and I feel great.

After being gone for six months, I have now started coming back to Ypsi Rehab to work out. I had been gaining weight from not working, so Abdou has me on a specific workout plan that targets my problem areas.

The staff and patients are like family. It is a joy to come here to a great atmosphere to rehab, workout and have fun while doing it. I would recommend Ypsi Rehab to anyone with an injury and anyone who needs to lose weight! They are the best!

-Joyua Williams-

When I first started therapy, I could hardly write with my right hand. I really appreciate all the therapy I received, it kept me from having surgery and that means a lot to me. I now have no problems, and I am back to work as a waitress which is fantastic.

Everyone here was extremely nice and helpful. I am really thankful to all of them.


Since I started coming to Ypsi Rehab, I am able to stand tall and walk without so much pain. I had knee surgery and a lot of complications after the surgery. With the help of Abdou and all of the staff I am enjoying life more.

I am very thankful for Ypsi Rehab and its staff because they treat you like family. I enjoy coming here meeting new people and I would like to thank everyone at Ypsi Rehab for all of the help they gave me to help me get better.


Most of my housework was hard for me to perform. I had many sleepless nights and difficulty walking prior to Ypsi Rehab. Now after completing therapy I am doing everything with much more ease. Thank you to all the staff for working with me to make my life easier.